New Managing Director appointed at Northparkes Mines

CMOC have announced the appointment of Hubert Lehman as Managing Director, CMOC-Northparkes Mines (Northparkes). Hubert has taken over from Jim Fowler who led Northparkes for 16 months, departing in August of last year. Jim has been appointed as the CEO for the CMOC Operation in Tenke Fungurume, located in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Following Jim’s departure in August, Hubert has been acting in the role of Managing Director. Hubert has been responsible for leading the business, continuing to foster the zero harm culture and supporting all employees and contractors to successfully deliver on business commitments.

Hubert joined Northparkes as Manager – Asset Management in January 2011. His portfolio included maintenance, infrastructure, engineering, capital portfolio management, project management and reliability engineering. As a member of the Northparkes Leadership Team, Hubert was also responsible for planning and executing key elements associated with the Northparkes strategic plan, including the approval of a new block cave mining project called E26 Lift 1 North.

Prior to joining Northparkes, Hubert worked for Hydro Aluminium in Australia for a period of 13 years and held a number of senior positions, including General Manager Engineering & Maintenance and General Manager Metal Products.

As the Managing Director of Northparkes, Hubert will lead Northparkes in maintaining the highest standard of safety and environment, improving operational efficiency and constructing and delivering major projects.

Last month, CMOC and Sumitomo announced the approval of a major project at Northparkes called E26 Lift 1 North. The investment will be more than $200M over a three and a half year period. The project will produce approximately 40Mt of ore over a 10 year period. Construction commenced in January with full production expected in mid-2022.

“This project is a major investment in the future of our business and a very exciting time for Northparkes. I look forward to leading the team into the future – Northparkes has been operating for 24 years and has a vision of ‘A century of mining together’,” said Mr Lehman.

About CMOC-Northparkes Mines

Northparkes is a copper and gold mine located 27 kilometres north-west of Parkes, in the Central West of New South Wales, Australia. Since 1993 Northparkes has been celebrated for our high-quality copper deposits, low cost operations and loyal, committed people. Northparkes is a joint venture between China Molybdenum Co., Ltd (CMOC) (80%) and the Sumitomo Groups (20%).


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