Extending our mine life

By identifying growth opportunities and securing future resources, we can ensure we are here for ‘A century of mining together’.

The Life of Mine Studies and Exploration department was formed in 2015 to realise the value of Northparkes’ mineral potential.

We drilled 13,966 metres over 36 drill holes in seven different prospect areas in 2015. This work included pre-feasibility drilling close to our current operations to support our current mining studies.

We work hard to ensure our drilling doesn’t negatively impact our neighbours or the environment. For example, we often halt drilling operations after rain events to minimise vehicle impacts to farmer’s tracks and paddocks.

We have also significantly improved the way we manage water and spills while drilling, to minimise the impact of exploration on the land.

A re-usable bunded tarp, known in the drilling industry as a drill rig “nappy”, now contains fluid from drilling. The nappy can contain up to 2,200lts of fluid, and captures rain water which can then be pumped into the drill sump. Any spills can be cleaned up or pumped out of the bund for suitable storage or disposal.

The nappy is also very sturdy and is designed to be driven over. It replaces a plastic and gaffa tape solution which required constant attention and regular repairs.

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