$180,000 sponsorship of child developmental health screening ‘Project Sprouts’ celebrated by CMOC – Northparkes

On Wednesday 9th November, CMOC – Northparkes (Northparkes) celebrated the official announcement of a three year sponsorship agreement with Parkes Early Intervention Project – Project Sprouts (Project Sprouts). Northparkes Managing Director Jianjun Tian, and Manager People, Safety & Environment Stacey Kelly celebrated the partnership with Project Sprouts, Director Rick Newton, Chairperson Sherree Rosser and Coordinator Anne Norton alongside working party Barbara Newton, Collette Janet Marks and Parkes Shire Councillor Margaret Applebee.

Project Sprouts is a Parkes Shire community-led initiative which launched in October of 2020. The initiative has been developed to enable screening of all pre-school students within the local shire, prior to the formal start of schooling. In addition to the screening services, Project Sprouts provides a referral service which links families and educators to suitable service providers, which will enable children across our local communities to have best possible support to start their education, and the opportunity for improved development outcomes.

Northparkes is a residential mine, with our workers and their families residing in the shires surrounding our operation. The establishment and continuation of health support in rural and remote areas is a nationwide issue, and a priority concern for our community. Managing Director Jianjun Tian said “At Northparkes, our people, their families and community are at the heart of our operations, along with their health and safety. Supporting organisations such as Project Sprouts is incredibly important, as the services provided by this initiative will support thousands of people in our community, and provides a service that has a potential lifelong positive impact.”

Jianjun Tian continued, “I am pleased to announce the sponsorship of Project Sprouts, a total value of $180,000 across the three years. Children are the future, and their health is vital. Providing children with the best possible start to their education will set them up for success.”

The $60,000 annual sponsorship will provide funding for the Project Sprouts Coordinator position, which facilitates the communication and coordinates of activities between families, services and the community.


About Project Sprouts

The idea of Project Sprouts emerged when Royal Far West held a community meeting in Parkes following the confronting findings from its ‘The Invisible Children’ report which highlighted the devastating state of children’s developmental health in rural and remote Australia, and from the direct perspective of Parkes Shire. Supported childhood development is the foundation to future success.

Project Sprouts is a body of representatives from local schools, preschools, government, business, and community organisations with the unified goal to ensure all children are screened for developmental health before they start school. In addition, the services extend to support parents and upskill local people to better identify children needing early intervention support.

For more information on Project Sprouts visit the Project Sprouts Parkes 2870 Facebook site or contact the coordinator by email at sprouts2870@gmail.com or by mobile on 0477 450 466


About CMOC-Northparkes Mines

Northparkes is a copper and gold mine located 27 kilometres north-west of Parkes, in the Central West of New South Wales, Australia. Since 1993 Northparkes has been celebrated for our high-quality copper deposits, low cost operations and loyal, committed people. Northparkes is a joint venture between China Molybdenum Co., Ltd (CMOC) (80%) and the Sumitomo Groups (20%).


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